Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of Alpaca on Streak. Now with Streak + Alpaca, you can trade your strategies on US equities and ETFs without any coding, the best part being $0 trading commissions.

Alpaca is a Silicon Valley, based commission-free API broker with the emphasis on enabling broader access to the US capital markets. With Streak’s integration with Alpaca, you can go from idea to a live trading algorithm in less than a minute.

Adding your Alpaca account to Streak, is just a few simple steps, just select Alpaca, give the account a name(to uniquely identify this accounts) and just Login and Allow access, you are done!

Add Alpaca to Streak, fast and secure

Streak offers algorithmic coding without coding, yes you heard it right ZERO CODING required to do algo trading, so you can just focus on finding alpha, and not spend hours and days figuring out how to code a single algo.

With Streak, you can not only Create algos in a minute, but also Backtest in seconds and Deploy them live in the market in just one click.

With Alpaca added in your Streak account, now you can take live your best trade idea and invest without having to be glued to the screen.

Here is how you Create a simple strategy, but you can create almost anything you see on a chart.

Create algos, from your strategies instantly

Run the fastest Backtests out there, and evaluate your ideas in realtime and find the best once that fit your trading style and identify the Alpha.

Run Superfast backtest, and test and validate your ideas immediately

Deploy live into the market with a single click, just don’t forget to select your Alpaca account. You will get notified about every opportunity your algo identifies in the live market without you having to constantly stare at the charts.

Deploy algos live on Alpaca in few clicks

Worried about the algo’s performance, we have got you covered, Paper trade your algos, and forward test the performance without putting at any capital at risk.

There you have it, ALGO TRADING WITHOUT CODING, the new modern way of trading.

Happy and safe trading everything 🙂

Get started now at Streak and reach us at Streak World

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