We are excited to announce the launch of StreakWorld beta and immensely pleased to present a unified Trading Platform for cryptocurrencies across exchanges. It’s simply better in every aspect to trading the crypto markets.

Streak is the world’s first retail algo trading platform that requires NO coding. If you have ever wondered how to trade using technical indicators or have looked at the charts to trade, then Streak is here to make your life a lot easier, simpler and faster.

We believe in leveling the playing field, by bringing state of the art algo trading technology to everyone, which was previously accessible only to professionals and institutions. Our goal is to democratize financial markets and we are just getting started. We have built our platform from the ground up, to power individuals across the world. Streak has already run 10 Million+ backtests, and have a trading turnover of $200+ Million. Why the name? Because let the winning Streak begin.

We started off with wanting to enable every trader and investor to Create, Backtest, and Deploy trading algos live in the market in a minute, without writing any code.

Streak works in 3 simple steps: Create, Backtest, and Deploy trading algos, in under a minute, without writing any code or you can just trade across exchanges directly from the market watch.


Streak’s all-new new interface is simple, intuitive and ridiculously easy. It lets you create algos in under a minute. It is as simple as typing out technical indicators, keying in stop loss and target profit percentage and selecting the cryptos you want to trade with.

Streak has 70+ technical indicators that you can use to create more than 1 million unique algos with various combinations. Streak Assist, auto-completes the indicators for both entering and exiting based on your desire to buy or sell, with standard approaches making strategizing even easier.

You can see a detailed list of our technical indicators here.


Streak has one of the fastest backtesting engines in the world that generates performance metrics for multiple cryptos in just a click. The backtest results include maximum gains, maximum loss, average gain per winning trade, average loss per losing trade, maximum drawdown and much more. These metrics give you a comprehensive idea of your algo’s performance.

Why is backtesting required?

Backtest essentially means testing a trading strategy on relevant historical data before you risk any actual capital. It is important to analyze the levels of profitability and risk before taking any trade in order to gain insight into the effectiveness of a trading idea.

Creating and backtesting algo across different exchanges in less than a minute


Once you deploy an algo on Streak, you no longer have to track the trade manually. Streak tracks the price movements for trade signals and can Auto trade, Paper trade or even send one-click actionable alerts when all the conditions specified in a strategy are met in real-time.

You can select up to 20 scrips at a time in a single algo and deploy them all at once.

Multi Exchange

StreakWorld beta currently supports Coinbase, CoinbasePro, HitBTC, Okex, Huobi, Binance, Kraken, ZB.com and even Bitmex. We are constantly working towards adding more relevant markets. If you find your preferable exchange missing, feel free to let us know.

Market Watch

View prices and market depth of all your favorite cryptos across exchanges on a single page. Easily track and trade directly from the market watch.

Market Watchlist

Streak Access

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